English Grammar Quiz - 7 | Most Selected English Grammar Questions

 English Grammar Quiz - 7 | Most Selected English Grammar Questions
Q_61 Bad student never....hard
A.) work
B.) workes
C.) worker
D.) working

Q_62 Opening a conversation and bringing it to an end are essential parts of our ______
A.) day language
B.) everyday language
C.) language everyday
D.) language day

everyday language
Q_63 Before this year, I ............ move out of my parents house. I did not have a job.
A.) may not
B.) can not
C.) should not
D.) could not

could not
Q_64 It is very pleasant to travel by steamer down the Thames ______ Westminster to Tower Bridge.
A.) in
B.) up
C.) from
D.) at

Q_65 Can you give me . . . more information?
A.) little
B.) any
C.) much
D.) some

Q_66 The husband ______ for Hong Kong as soon as he ______ about her wife's accident.
A.) had left / was informed
B.) has left / was informed
C.) leaves / has been informed
D.) left / had been informed

left / had been informed
Q_67 Choose the correct alternative to improve sentence.\nThe advancements in medical science ,has proved, to be a boon for all of us.
A.) has proven
B.) had proven
C.) have proved
D.) No improvement

have proved
Q_68 No, I didn't ask the boss for more money today because he gave me one month's ______.
A.) information
B.) news
C.) facts
D.) notice

Q_69 Choose the correct indirect:
Give me some tea, mother.
A.) The mother ordered to give her tea.
B.) He asked the mother to give him some tea.
C.) The mother ordered them to give them some tea.
D.) He required from the mother whether she could give him some tea.

He asked the mother to give him some tea.
Q_70 I'm desperate. All I need really is someone to ______.
A.) take me a hand
B.) put me a hand
C.) give me a hand
D.) show me a hand

give me a hand

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