English Grammar Quiz - 6 | Most Selected English Grammar Questions

English Grammar Quiz - 6 | Most Selected English Grammar Questions
Q_51 Are you still at . . . university?
A.) a
B.) the
C.) an
D.) no article

no article
Q_52 Neptune is an extremely cold planet, and ______
A.) so does Uranus
B.) so has Uranus
C.) so is Uranus
D.) Uranus so

so is Uranus
Q_53 As soon as he .............. the book, he informed the publisher.
A.) had finished
B.) had been finished
C.) will finish
D.) finished

Q_54 You have to be rich to send your child to a private school because the fees are ______
A.) astronomical
B.) aeronautical
C.) astrological
D.) atmospherical

A.) sea
B.) forest
C.) mountain
D.) fire

Q_56 The television programs we allow ______ to watch influence their learning.
A.) a children
B.) our children
C.) our child
D.) their childs

our children
Q_57 At last I ........... for my efforts.
A.) reward
B.) was rewarded
C.) rewarded
D.) will be reward

was rewarded
Q_58 Mike: That can ______ walking very difficult.
A.) do
B.) make
C.) cause
D.) give

Q_59 At the rate you are going, you.....fall of the bike.
A.) need
B.) had
C.) may
D.) would not

Q_60 The bacteria in milk is destroyed when ______ to at least 62¦C.
A.) it be heated
B.) it heated
C.) it is heated
D.) it will be heated

it is heated

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