English Grammar Quiz - 5 | Most Selected English Grammar Questions

 English Grammar Quiz - 5 | Most Selected English Grammar Questions

Q_41 Antonym of - entice
A.) authorize
B.) baffle
C.) repulse
D.) misplace

Q_42 His teacher begged him to ______ more of an effort in class.
A.) make
B.) do
C.) made
D.) did

Q_43 Antonym of - fetter
A.) liberate
B.) cure
C.) compare
D.) diminish


Q_44 The people of Western Canada have been considering ______ themselves from the rest of the provinces.
A.) to separate
B.) separated
C.) separate
D.) separating

Q_45 Antonym of - garrulous
A.) soft spoken
B.) reticent
C.) peaceful
D.) kind

Q_46 She ______ to take her neighbour to court if he didn't stop making so much noise.
A.) promised
B.) offered
C.) threatened
D.) suggested

Q_47 Antonym of - paltry
A.) lethargy
B.) matchless
C.) obsolete
D.) surfeit


Q_48 From 1926 until her death, Margaret Mead ______New York's American Museum of Natural History
A.) was associated with
B.) associates with
C.) is associated with
D.) associated

was associated with
Q_49 Antonym of - parsimonious
A.) conformity
B.) generous
C.) stiff
D.) convincing

Q_50 He opened the door and let himself in quietly ______ not to wake the family.
A.) because
B.) so as
C.) so that
D.) to make sure

so as

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