English Grammar Quiz - 3 | Most Selected English Grammar Questions

English Grammar Quiz - 3

Q_21 A style in which a writer makes a display of his knowledge
A.) Pedantic
B.) Verbose
C.) Pompous
D.) Ornate

Q_22 Our flight from Amsterdam tlo London was delyed ______ the heavy fog.
A.) because of
B.) because
C.) on account
D.) as result

because of
Q_23 A teacher is a person who......student.
A.) teach
B.) teaches
C.) is teach
D.) teacher


Q_24 Indonesia has an ______ range of Japanese restaurants as Japan has long been the biggest investor in the country.
A.) ecliptic
B.) ecstatic
C.) eclectic
D.) eccentric

Q_25 A year is made up............. twelve months.
A.) with
B.) of
C.) on
D.) by

Q_26 Robots are being used increasingly in industry as they can work on large jobs faster, are more precise and ______
A.) don't as easily tire
B.) don't tire more easily
C.) don't tire easily
D.) don't too easily tire

don't tire easily
Q_27 Accident.............. happened to anybody.
A.) can
B.) could
C.) may
D.) might


Q_28 He was told to eat all his rice or ______ he would get no ice-cream
A.) in case
B.) else
C.) instead
D.) in fact

Q_29 An advocate is a person who.....case in court.
A.) argue
B.) have argue
C.) argues
D.) argued

Q_30 There are many ______ of jobs in Oregon right now.
A.) sorts
B.) brands
C.) kinds
D.) forms


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