English Grammar Quiz - 2 | Most Selected English Grammar Questions

English Grammar Quiz - 2

Q_11 .............you speak English?
A.) Will
B.) May
C.) Can
D.) Should

Q_12 Mr. Brown is looking for his glasses. He thinks he ______ them behind in the office yesterday.
A.) forgot
B.) left
C.) put
D.) took

Q_13 ............foundations were laid yesterday.
A.) the
B.) some
C.) any
D.) that


Q_14 I couldn't make coffee for everybody. There weren't ______
A.) cups enough
B.) enough cups
C.) cups too
D.) too cups

enough cups
Q_15 A person of good understanding knowledge and reasoning power-
A.) Expert
B.) Intellectual
C.) Snob
D.) Literate

Q_16 Manufacturers often sacrifice quality ______
A.) for a larger profit margin
B.) in place of to earn more money
C.) to gain more quantities of money
D.) and instead earn a bigger amount of profit

for a larger profit margin
Q_17 A person who insists on something-
A.) Disciplinarian
B.) Stickler
C.) Instantaneous
D.) Boaster

Q_18 If water is heated to 212 degrees F. ______ as steam.
A.) it will boil and escape
B.) it is boiling and escaping
C.) it boil and escape
D.) it would boil and escape

it will boil and escape

Q_19 A sentence has been given in DirectIndirect. Out of the four alternatives suggested, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in IndirectDirect.\nFather said to me,“ You are idling away your time ”
A.) Father told me that I was idling away my time.
B.) Father told me that I am idling away my time.
C.) Father told me that you are idling away your time.
D.) Father told me that you were idling away your time.

Father told me that I was idling away my time.
Q_20 Out of John Kenneth Galbraith's The Affluent Society ______ for an increase in public goods, potentially at the expense of private goods.
A.) came the argument
B.) his argument
C.) argued
D.) the economist is arguing

came the argument

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