English Grammar Quiz - 1 | Most Selected English Grammar Questions

English Grammar Quiz - 1

English Grammar Quiz
Hello Dear, welcome to Blogging Rider, today we are here with 10 English grammar questions which will help in your future competitive exams. In all exam there are almost 20% questions which comes from English sections. 
  We always try to give yo best out of best and we are sure these English Grammar Quiz will definetly help you. If you find any question whose answer is incorrect, feel free to write comment below. 

Q_1 . . . . dog is . . . faithful animal.
A.) a a
B.) the a
C.) a the
D.) the x

a the
Q_2 . . . . Ganga is . . . sacred river.
A.) a the
B.) a an
C.) the a
D.) x a

the a
Q_3 . . . . same man came to my house.
A.) a
B.) one
C.) no article
D.) the


Q_4 . . . . stitch in time saves nine.
A.) a
B.) the
C.) ab
D.) n.o.t.

Q_5 ....... authorities are concerned with ....... situation.
A.) an, the
B.) a, the
C.) the, the
D.) a, an

the, the
Q_6 She hopes she'll soon find a ______ to the problem
A.) solution
B.) solve
C.) solutionist
D.) solvation

Q_7 ......... Australian sheep give very good wool.
A.) a
B.) an
C.) the
D.) some


Q_8 We ______ 2,000 English words by the end of this year
A.) will learn
B.) will be learning
C.) will have learnt
D.) will have been learnt

will have learnt
Q_9 ........... he be a rich man.
A.) can
B.) may
C.) shall
D.) should

Q_10 I know it works in theory, but try putting it into ______ and you'll find out it's a failure.
A.) operation
B.) exercise
C.) performance
D.) procedure


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  1. As i am the owner of trivia-questions company, that's why i know the answers of most questions. but some questions are totally new for me. I just want to say that please keep doing this great work. love